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How did you meet?
Boaz: “We met in 2009. It was during the time I had invited a friend for a meeting in Kampala. She came along with another friend of hers who happened to be Evelyne. After the meeting, I had a little chat with Evelyne and ended up exchanging contacts. From time to time, I would call to find out how she was doing. Eventually, we became friends. At some point during our friendship, we got attracted to each other and started dating until the time we introduced and wedded.”

How did the idea of the introduction come up?
Boaz: I had always known at the back of my mind that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. So I brought up the subject of settling down with her, an idea she agreed to.

How long did you take planning for the event?
Boaz: We started planning in March 2011. The wedding took place a few months later in August that year.

The best moments of your day were..
Boaz: It was during the time when our fleet of cars were driving closer towards Evelyne’s home. It was at that point in time when I knew that I was a step closer to making Evelyne my fiancée. Also, when she was stepping out of the house for the first time, I was really surprised by how beautiful she looked. I had never seen her glowing like that before. She looked amazing.
Evelyne: Seeing him after his entourage arrived at the venue, I suddenly became very excited.

Did you encounter any disappointments?
Evelyne: Time was not really on our side. My aunt on the other hand who was escorting me would often delay whenever she was changing. In the process, she would cause all of us to be delayed.
Boaz: I was only disappointed by the drizzle.

Was there anything that did not go according to plan?
Boaz: Well, everything went according to plan except when the weather changed and it started drizzling. But at least I am grateful that it started to rain towards the end of the function during the exchange of gifts. The event kicked off at 3pm and ended at about 8pm.
Evelyne: Boaz and his entourage arrived late for the function. They were supposed to have come at noon but ended up arriving at 3pm. I would occasionally call him asking where they were and he would say they were on their way. Their delay made me anxious and worried. And also, we did not expect the rain.

What was the most difficult part of the planning for the day?
Boaz: It was quite difficult for my wife and I to agree on certain things. For instance, we had to do a lot of negotiation when it came to the gifts. I was partly involved in the planning process.
Evelyne: Selecting outfits for the day was hard. I had to constantly move up and down through different boutiques in town looking for something beautiful to wear. I ended up settling for three saris but only used two on that day because time was not on our side. Each of the three outfits cost Shs300,000. I wore two pairs of shoes. Each pair cost Shs60,000. The shoes were silver and gold.

Did you enlist someone to help you to look for what to wear on that day?
Evelyne: At first I was doing it alone, but then my sister eventually came to my rescue and started helping me out.

Tell us about the people who made up your entourage and how you chose them?
Boaz: I was told to keep my entourage to a minimum number of 40 people. So I requested my two guardians, personal friends and relatives to escort me to Evelyne’s home.
Evelyne: Friends and relatives made up my entourage. When choosing them, I considered size, skin colour and relationship.

Any funny moments on that day
Boaz: When one of Evelyne’s aunts came to present a hilarious skit about the traditional woman. Her costume was outrageous.
Evelyne: The Master of Ceremonies at one point told me to slap my husband. The way he said it sounded hilarious.

Were you involved in the planning of your introduction and did Boaz get involved?
Evelyne: Since it was my side of the family hosting the guests, Boaz did not get too involved during the planning process. I, however, got a lot of help from my family members and relatives.

Is there anything, you think might have been an unnecessary expense?
Boaz: No, everything that was used on that day was well budgeted for.
Evelyne: No, we used everything that we had budgeted for the event.

Where did you look for ideas and inspiration for your big day?
Evelyne: From friends and relatives who had previously introduced.

Any tips on cutting costs?
Boaz: It is very important that you do not listen and take in every piece of aice that your friends and relatives give about planning your event. You may be forced to overshoot your budget because you are trying to impress them. It is vital that you stick to your budget.
Evelyne: It is very important to always stick to the budget.

From your own experience, do you have any aice for couples planning on introducing soon?
Boaz: Before you have the introduction, it is very important that you sit down with your partner and plan exclusively for the event so as not to blunder on the final day. The other important thing is not to use all the financial resources on the event since there is life after the introduction. Also, try as much as possible to stay away from taking loans to finance the event.
Evelyne: In order to avoid rushing at the final moment, make sure that you plan for your function adequately beforehand.

Did you wed after the introduction?
Boaz: Our wedding actually took place the following day after the introduction ceremony. That was on August 20, 2011. We decided to hold both functions concurrently because we wanted to get both functions over with to avoid wasting more time and money.

Venue: Rubirizi District, western Uganda at Evelyne’s family home.
The overall budget: About Shs15m, a budget the couple says they stuck to. Most of the money came from the couple’s savings and contributions from family members.
Theme color: Orange
The number of guests invited: 300
Introduction cake: Shs850,000
Photography: Shs600,000
Videography: Shs500,000
Music: Shs400,000

The cake
The tiers of the introduction cake were shaped like pots, with the centre piece baked in form of a basket. The cake, which was made in Mbarara, cost the couple Shs850,000.

the bridal attire
“I bought two mshanana and one sari but on the day, I only wore one mshanana and sari. Each of the three outfits cost Shs300,000 accompanied by different sorts of jewellery. I wore two pairs of shoes. Each pair cost Shs60,000. The shoes were silver and gold.”

Bridal entourage
The bride’s entourage consisted of close family members, relatives and friends, that is her two sisters, two aunts and a couple of friends.

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SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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