Servicing clinic is on

Following up from the successful clinics held last year, we are inviting you again for a clinic on servicing at Shell Ntinda opposite Hardware World. The event will take place on Saturday, March 29. Often times, we may not know when to do servicing for our cars, especially the used ones, which are the majority in Uganda. I may sound, a little harsh to used car owners, but I am one of you!

For a fact, brand new cars come with manuals which include service intervals and indicating which parts need to be replaced and after what distances (in kilometres). Such manuals may not be found in many used cars and some are in Japanese, and this causes a language barrier. Servicing may not be the “usual” change of oil and etal but a lot more may be required from time to time such as wheel alignment and balancing, replacement of brake pads and discs etc.

So we shall be answering questions such as -Where do I go for car servicing? What is done while servicing? (These and many more questions are in the car owner’s mind). Car servicing is one of the most important activities every car owner needs to participate in. The what, why, when, where and how of car servicing will be handled by our experts led by Paul Kaganzi. Come learn something new from the experts.


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